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weighbridgeweigh‧bridge /ˈweɪˌbrɪdʒ/ noun [countable]  TTRTMa machine that vehicles drive onto so that they can be weighed
Examples from the Corpus
weighbridgeChanging faces Welcome to, our new weighbridge operator.From left, ops scheduler; raw materials scheduler, weighbridge operator, and assistant scheduler.This of course means that we have said farewell to who operated the weighbridge for almost five years.Members were told the weighbridge had already been installed and work on some of the other projects had also begun.
From Longman Business Dictionaryweighbridgeweigh‧bridge /ˈweɪˌbrɪdʒ/ noun [countable] British EnglishTRANSPORT a machine for weighing vehicles and their loads, with a flat area that you drive the vehicle onto SYN SCALE, SCALES
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