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weight of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweight of somethingweight of somethinga large amount of something The weight of evidence is that unemployment leads to all sorts of health problems. The weight of public opinion is behind the teachers. They won the battle by sheer weight of numbers (=very large numbers of people). weight
Examples from the Corpus
weight of numbersThey are likely to win this battle through sheer weight of numbers.So Jancey's half-dozen were ready for a punch-up: element of surprise, weight of numbers, move in fast.From the weight of numbers ranged against us?Above all, for emotional as well as for factual awareness, others have the weight of numbers on their side.But Tyrion could not be everywhere at once and slowly the weight of numbers turned the battle against the High Elves.The weight of numbers is revealing; at the very least it witnesses to the reality of tinnitus.Even if they can't inflict any wounds they can still swamp him with weight of numbers.
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