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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweightedweight‧ed /ˈweɪtɪd/ adjective  UNFAIRgiving an advantage or disadvantage to one particular group or activitybiasedweighted against The voting system is weighted against the smaller parties.weighted in favour of somebody/something This year’s pay increase is heavily weighted in favour of the lower paid staff.weighted towards The course is weighted towards language skills.
Examples from the Corpus
weightedIt is stag-toe weighted and double-balanced.Some experts claim that a heel-and-toe weighted club is more sympathetic to a mishit.The weighted door slams shut and she consumes her prey in safety.How serious, how weighted, how freighted it sounds.We assume to start with that the weighted patterns provide a rough guide to playing the game.In my case the burdens are weighted saddlebags that hang from my shoulder.Its output depends on a weighted sum of its inputs.heavily weightedThis one is mild by some standards - and also less heavily weighted than many towards a verdict of guilty.The current emphasis in the psy sector is heavily weighted toward presumption of neurological or genetic deficit.The resultant design has leaned towards a course more heavily weighted towards interviewing skills.The city's economy is heavily weighted towards large manufacturing enterprises, most of which were established to supply the Soviet military.Predictably, as Table 3.4 confirms, their liabilities are overwhelmingly in foreign currency and are heavily weighted towards time deposits.As usual, the show was heavily weighted with modern and contemporary dealers, with only five Old Master dealers participating.An audience heavily weighted with Negro people was seated out in front.Most of the pain has been felt on the Nasdaq Composite Index, which is heavily weighted with technology issues.