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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweightyweight‧y /ˈweɪti/ adjective  1 IMPORTANTimportant and serious She didn’t feel like discussing weighty matters.2 literaryHEAVY heavy a weighty tome (=a big and heavy book)
Examples from the Corpus
weightyThe State of the Union address was a weighty and substantial occurence, though without startling new developments.When I was out of the room, he told Margaret that he wanted to see me write weightier books than that.Reading a terse or weighty document will inhibit, rather than encourage, word flow.But it finds agreement with more sober, weighty judgements on the period provided by various studies of the official criminal statistics.Before deciding on any weighty matter, he consults his staff.I confess that I was surprised that this weighty matter was decided so quickly and with so little ceremony.High-handicap Kaori, however, foresaw a weightier problem: her bag.Remember that books are weighty things.
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