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weirweir /wɪə $ wɪr/ noun [countable]  TTWTBa low fence or wall that is built across a river or stream to control the flow of water, or to make a pool where people can catch fish
Examples from the Corpus
weirOnce this fall was likened to a gigantic weir, its crest a straight line between Goat Island and the opposite shore.She spelled weir, a fence set in a stream to trap fish.Kelston for good nets of roach, chub, perch and odd bream from pegs below the weir.Steer clear of the weir, safer to fish from the pier.On the Avon, some of the weirs date back 1,000 years and are in urgent need of restoration.Pooh sticks and a plastic clipper, first to the weir.A trust has restored three weirs already, and plans are under way to rebuild another seven.Roach and dace on Listers upstream of Topcliffe weir.
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