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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweirdweird1 /wɪəd $ wɪrd/ ●●● S2 adjective  informalSTRANGE very strange and unusual, and difficult to understand or explain A really weird thing happened last night. He’s a weird bloke. They sell all sorts of weird and wonderful (=very strange) products.see thesaurus at strangeweirdly adverb a weirdly shaped rockweirdness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
weirdI don't really want to spend the evening with Helen - she's so weird.Robin's boyfriend is kind of weird.She only had lipstick on her bottom lip which looked pretty weird.By some weird arithmetic, the more life stuffs itself into the valley, the more spaces it creates for further life.In an arena now entirely stocked by affectless Goldsmiths' artefacts, Strains of War is weird enough to require explanation.It's a weird feeling to go back to a place that you lived in a long time ago.She's dating a really weird guy who's into witchcraft and black magic.He has some weird ideas about things.The effect was weird, making me dizzy again.And the Salomon traders found themselves in a weird new role.The museum has a collection of the weirdest sculptures I've ever seen.She was confused, of course, by liking Alison, not hating her, even in a weird sense sympathising with her.Each owned a weird splotch of colour in a white and silver frame, painted and framed by a local artist.The weirdest thing was running into Maryellen.The spectacle can be weird, unpleasant, a turn-off.weird and wonderfulThe Offset represents the weird and wonderful, and at first glance has the same unsettling effect as an optical illusion.Fortunately both have recovered sufficiently to dream up more weird and wonderful schemes for 1992.Home of the tooth relic sacred to Buddhists, it is a bustling grid of weird and wonderful shops and hotels.They held the bat like a pen and set the game spinning in weird and wonderful ways.
weirdweird2 verb   weird somebody out
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