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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweirdoweird‧o /ˈwɪədəʊ $ ˈwɪrdoʊ/ noun (plural weirdos) [countable]  informalSTRANGECRAZY someone who wears strange clothes or behaves strangely Jenny’s going out with a real weirdo.
Examples from the Corpus
weirdoThere's a weirdo who stands in front of the store and talks to himself.There's always a bunch of weirdos around the train station.When I travel by underground I always seem to end up sitting next to some weirdo.You want some weirdo skulking around the aisles, spraying toxic chemicals all over the place?I was always considered the black sheep of the family, the weirdo in the group, right?If the weirdo had kicked her out, well and good.At primary school I was the weirdo in the corner with the funny little thingy.The weirdo in the hat, whoever he might be, is the weirdo in the hat.
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