2 adjective
welcome2 S2 W3
1 if someone is welcome in a place, other people are glad that they are there:
I had the feeling I wasn't really welcome.
I didn't feel welcome in the club.
Mary made us very welcome.
We try to make the new students feel welcome.
2 if something is welcome, you enjoy it because you feel that you need it:
The weekend was a welcome break from the pressures of work.
Six months in Scotland would make a welcome change from London.
A cup of tea would be very welcome.
3 if something is welcome, you are glad that it has happened:
The increase in interest rates is welcome news for investors.
This new funding will come as a welcome boost for the industry.

be welcome to something

spoken used to say that someone can have something if they want it, because you certainly do not want it:
If you want to take the job you're welcome to it!

be welcome to do something

spoken used to invite someone to do something if they would like to:
You're welcome to stay for lunch.

you're welcome!

spoken a polite way of replying to someone who has just thanked you for something:
'Thanks for the coffee.' 'You're welcome.'

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