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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwelcomingwel‧com‧ing /ˈwelkəmɪŋ/ adjective  1 FRIENDLYsomeone who is welcoming is friendly when you arrive in a place Everyone was very welcoming. Stephanie was standing at the door with a welcoming smile.see thesaurus at friendly2 a welcoming place is pleasant and makes you feel relaxed a restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere3 [only before noun] done or organized in order to welcome someone to a placewelcoming committee/party I was met by a welcoming committee. a welcoming speech
Examples from the Corpus
welcomingShe got the ceiling decorated and made improvements to the entrance to make it more welcoming.A bunch of fresh flowers on the table always looks welcoming.Restaurant and hotel prices in the area are reasonable, and the townspeople are welcoming.The room was bright and welcoming.It's a friendly, comfortable welcoming hotel with good rooms, all of which have facilities and balconies.Hever Castle is a warm and welcoming place, giving continued enjoyment to visitors.The composer came here from the nearby orphanage where he was raised, and today visitors find it a similarly welcoming refuge.a bright, clean, welcoming rooma welcoming smileWhen Converse entered, he turned from the set with a welcoming smile.He stood at the door with a welcoming smile.And here was Captain jumping out of the back of the car, showing his shark's teeth in a welcoming snarl.No welcoming wife, no laughing toddlers.welcoming committee/partyThe official welcoming party had congregated in front of the limousines, talking amongst themselves.Number 2 I d arrange a nice welcoming committee in turkey for him.Now a welcoming committee of some 100,000 New Zealanders celebrated en masse.A welcoming party of three juniors awaited them.The welcoming committee suggested they buy lots of candy for Halloween.The muddle was such that the welcoming committee threw away their lists of expected arrivals and started from scratch.
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