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well and truly

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell and trulywell and trulyespecially spokenCOMPLETELY completely We were well and truly beaten. The party was well and truly over. truly
Examples from the Corpus
well and trulyBut I had been caught, well and truly, and had paid the price, time and time again.From February, the challenge will have well and truly begun, especially if your birthday falls between August 13 and 23.We were all well and truly bitten.The padded fabric varieties are well and truly childproof - and look very attractive.After two weeks, the kids were well and truly converted.Mind you any food in our stomach was going to get well and truly shaken up.One word from him and doors that Washington depended on being open would be well and truly slammed.It looked as if she was well and truly trapped.
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