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well/badly/carefully etc organized

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell/badly/carefully etc organizedwell/badly/carefully etc organizedarranged or ordered well, badly, carefully etc a carefully organized campaign I want to work with a well-organized team. a highly organized (=well-organized) social system organized
Examples from the Corpus
highly organizedBut the republican counter-espionage was highly organized, and early in 1814 he was arrested, tried and condemned to death.He overcame them by a highly organized campaign.Richard and his two companions settle into a utopian but highly organized existence.Evolution soon enabled some cells to take in, as food, highly organized matter, such as other life-forms.Political resources: Substantial financial power, strong interest, a few highly organized producers, professional lobbyists. 5.a highly organized radical student groupThey are the result of investment in highly organized scientific and engineering knowledge and skills.North Shields had highly organized workers in the yards and on the railways.
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