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well-balancedˌwell-ˈbalanced adjective  1 DFNa well-balanced meal or diet contains all the different things you need to keep you healthy2 SENSIBLEa well-balanced person is sensible and does not allow strong emotions to control their behaviour
Examples from the Corpus
well-balancedIt is well-balanced and full-nosed yet with a cleanness to tickle the most fastidious palate.Protect your teeth and gums by eating a well-balanced diet and visiting your dentist regularly.However, a well-balanced diet is always required.Then maybe little Aristos could be a well-balanced personality.Come now Gibson, a little more of your usual well-balanced perspective please!Hampshire have on paper a well-balanced side; they should be title-chasing.Sanguine: this type has a well-balanced, strong temperament, and is usually lively.
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