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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-bredˌwell-ˈbred adjective old-fashioned  CLASS IN SOCIETYsomeone who is well-bred is polite, and behaves as if they come from a family of high social class a well-bred, courteous man
Examples from the Corpus
well-bredHis attitude was that of a well-bred man reluctant to discuss some family difference with a prying outsider.And how could he disguise his well-bred manners and speech?However, the reckless, well-bred show of bravado did not exactly endear the utterer to two other boys of like age.Sometimes the health problem can be very serious: Winsome was a well-bred Thoroughbred brood mare.I mean, I am a well-bred woman.Such a nice, polite, well-bred young woman.
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