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well connected

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell connectedwell connectedFRIENDhaving important or powerful friends or relatives connected
Examples from the Corpus
well connectedAnd it does show these people are well connected.Pogo's family were very well connected and he had an entrée to every branch of society.She was well off, well educated, well connected, but she wasn't well.For non-residents, other than the nobly born and well connected, it is less informative.Certainly, such insubordination and disloyalty would have gotten a less well connected man court-martialed.Be sure to get concrete and focused information from some one well connected to the writing world.Samson was a man of worldly tastes and habits: he was well connected, well educated, generous and rich.By Road Carnlough is 35 miles from Belfast and is well connected with regular transport services.
well-connectedˌwell-conˈnected adjective  FRIENDsomeone who is well-connected knows a lot of powerful important people
Examples from the Corpus
well-connectedRichardson is very well-connected, both in the Democratic leadership and on political committees.Meanwhile, contributors and well-connected Democrats are being interviewed for your jobs as we speak, so better start packing those bags.In her poor barrio, La Paca impressed some and irked others with her hocus-pocus and well-connected friends.Holder prompted him to get talented and well-connected help in a hurry.The couple were well-educated and well-connected members of an elite social class.For what else could so many well-connected old buffers do if not manoeuvre themselves into and around the Senate?Her father was a well-connected painter, his field being mainly portraits of the notables in society.The biography by Julia Langdon, a well-connected political journalist, purported to offer some explanations.Nerdistan companies will have trouble attracting well-connected, savvy, media-oriented workers.
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