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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-documentedˌwell-ˈdocumented adjective  REAL/NOT IMAGINARYif something is well-documented, people have written a lot about it and so the facts about it are clear His life is remarkably well-documented. These are all well-documented facts.
Examples from the Corpus
well-documentedThe role of body weight in affecting blood pressure is well-documented.The results and benefits are well-documented.In medieval times well-documented court activities were carried out at the caputs already discussed.This is a generous and well-documented enterprise.There is an intrinsic difficulty in understanding even very simple and comparatively well-documented episodes of religious wars.Abraham Lincoln, too, had many well-documented major depressions.Here, the value of well-documented museum collections or excavated finds can not be overstated.Another well-documented scandal has been the sale of unsuitable or dangerous medicines in the Third World.However, much of it may come from the collision of two well-documented trends in life today.
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