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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-earnedˌwell-ˈearned adjective  DESERVEsomething that is well-earned is something you deserve because you have worked hard a well-earned rest a well-earned drink
Examples from the Corpus
well-earnedThe knitting correspondent was taking a well-earned break from the strenuous world of woollens, courtesy of her travel editor.Two days later Diana took a well-earned break, her last as a private citizen.Then it's home for a well-earned cup of coffee, and sleep.His poems have brought him national acknowledgement and well-earned distinction.Many parents are only too eager to hand their child over to a babysitter and enjoy a well-earned night out.The city has a well-earned reputation for corruption.It has a well-earned reputation for unrivalled luxury, superb cuisine and discreet service.
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