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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-endowedˌwell-enˈdowed adjective informal  1 HBHSEXYa woman who is well-endowed has large breasts – often used humorously2 HBHSEXYa man who is well-endowed has a large penis – often used humorously
Examples from the Corpus
well-endowedSuch men are also most likely to consider that they are well-endowed.Brassieres upholstered with foam rubber were produced as beauty aids even for the well-endowed and even for prepubescent girls.The Annie E.. Casey Foundation, a well-endowed charity dedicated to disadvantaged children, moved to the city last year.Because of its well-endowed female, Aristotle believed the spotted hyena to be a hermaphrodite.In reality, a well-endowed man is likely to have inherited the trait.What does a female gain from such a well-endowed partner?The well-endowed prisoners all strip to the waist and begin sweating and grunting as they struggle to free the craft.I had experienced other bird observatories; some were less well-endowed with the amenities of civilised living.
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