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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-establishedˌwell-esˈtablished ●○○ adjective  OLD/NOT NEWADMIREsomething that is well-established has existed for a long time and is respected or trusted by people a well-established law firm a well-established scientific theory
Examples from the Corpus
well-establishedThe training program is now well-established.For the later range of radiocarbon dates this calibration is well-established.There will be plenty of money available from rich companies, just as soon as socioecology becomes as well-established as graphology and palm-reading.In some cases Labour's quangos merge existing ones, or replace well-established bodies.In the process, some old, well-established concepts, are radically reframed.Gain all the well-established health advantages of eating meals high in dietary fibre content.If the tank is well-established, however, they will normally find enough microorganisms to keep them going during this initial period.In recent years, it has become clear that the troves of these explosives are bought and sold in well-established networks.a well-established photographerSkyservice is a small but well-established Toronto-based charter carrier that announced in June it wants to start an upscale airline.
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