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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-heeledˌwell-ˈheeled adjective informal  RICHrich a well-heeled businessman
Examples from the Corpus
well-heeledMoreover commercial banks today mainly lend to well-heeled borrowers in their own countries.John, of course, had long since lost his northern accent and took delight in his appearance as the well-heeled businessman.It appeared to be a well-heeled golfer's dream.Typically, deaths in well-heeled Hampstead or Westminster were far fewer than in the hovels of Rotherhithe and the stews of Islington.And baseball will certainly have more critics ready to decry well-heeled owners buying pennants.There weren't, and still aren't, that many truly well-heeled people here.Peasants in cowboy hats have replaced well-heeled tourists beside a pool now filled only with two inches of green scum.And well-heeled were they, what with the oil revenues and all. 33.
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