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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-informedˌwell-inˈformed adjective  KNOW somethingsomeone who is well-informed knows a lot about one particular subject or about many subjectswell-informed about Most people are not very well-informed about the disease. We had a serious and well-informed debate.
Examples from the Corpus
well-informedDiscussion of politics, political argument, was thus well-informed and critical.In general, tribunal chairmen are well-informed and familiar with most authorities.The service-specific-disciplinary management team is in the best position to make well-informed decisions.If the report is directed to less privileged and well-informed mortals, either avoid it or explain it.This lifted investors' spirits immensely, as well as filling well-informed politicians' campaign coffers.We will continue to encourage a wide and well-informed public debate on the electoral system."Le Monde' is a newspaper designed for well-informed readers.According to one well-informed source, the two sides are very near to reaching an agreement.One had need to be well-informed to travel with that child.But he was one of the most well-informed, widely read and serious political figures in public life.
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