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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-intentionedˌwell-inˈtentioned adjective  INTENDtrying to be helpful to people, but actually making things worse for them well-intentioned grandparents who interfere between parents and children
Examples from the Corpus
well-intentionedHere is another example of the need for vigilance when assessing usually well-intentioned accounts of distress.Like most laws that are well-intentioned but toothless, it was useless in a real crisis.They were well-intentioned creatures of abnormal physical strength and they were easily taken in by women.Even the most well-intentioned doctors can forget to suggest routine tests.Perhaps the most conspicuous example of this well-intentioned foolishness is the minimum wage.He was aware that some kind of well-intentioned look was pasted to his face, a smile not connected to things.In spite of all efforts, the well-intentioned plan of the negotiators was spoiled by the people themselves.As the story of the Clinton administration shows, well-intentioned populism can not bridge it.When a well-intentioned program yields unwelcome results, for example, a truth-aversive organization will seek to minimize or disguise these consquences.
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