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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-keptˌwell-ˈkept adjective  1 TIDYa well-kept building or garden is very well cared for and looks neat and cleansee thesaurus at tidy2 SECRETa well-kept secret is known only to a few people
Examples from the Corpus
well-keptOur old house, now covered with ivy, still looked pretty and well-kept.I loved the orderliness of their little bungalow, and their well-kept garden.The hotel has a new indoor pool leading directly on to the well-kept gardens with table tennis and sun-bathing lawns.It was one of those large affairs sometimes known as colonial, with well-kept grounds stretching out in all directions.Visitors should tour the palace, but don't forget the well-kept grounds -- well worth a visit.Precisely what was said between them to prompt the scuffle remains a fairly well-kept secret, but conditions certainly were incendiary enough.Her well-kept secret finally was revealed Tuesday.The whereabouts of the horse hormone farms and the numbers of animals involved are extraordinarily well-kept secrets.From its registration number it was only three years old, and it looked well-kept, the front tyres were new.
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