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well-paidˌwell-ˈpaid adjective  BEWPAY somebody FOR WORKproviding or receiving good wages a well-paid job well-paid executivessee thesaurus at earn
Examples from the Corpus
well-paidShe's a very competent, well-paid housekeeper.For another it might be a school whose graduates get well-paid jobs.This is largely because the upper-middle-class educated sector has sold out to the development industry, which provides relatively well-paid jobs.The result was that what had been a small-sized cheap labour force became a large well-paid labour force.well-paid managersBut the bureaucratic tendency to expand has generated a stepladder of well-paid officials.Milosevic has deployed his well-armed and well-paid police to harass the daily protesters.In his view, it was true that the in-house collection manager was generally dedicated, well-trained, well-paid, well-motivated.The unions claim that contented, well-paid workers are an essential ingredient of productivity, and so they are.
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