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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-readwell-read /ˌwel ˈred◂/ adjective  READsomeone who is well-read has read many books and knows a lot about different subjects
Examples from the Corpus
well-readSurrounded by the most dour cast of characters known to man, Paul Merton suddenly seems excessively articulate, intelligent and well-read.Charles was a well-read and highly educated man.Grossman shows in passing how formidably well-read and linguistically equipped her heroine was.A highly sophisticated and well-read composer such as Britten could be expected to look for his own Hofmannsthal.Although Jack stopped his studies at 19, he was very well-read, especially in the classics.David, exceptionally bright and personable, was probably as well-read on the game as any player I have known.Charles grew up well-read, particularly in theology.Intelligent, well-read, unsentimental, unshockable, she had become the focus of Meg's life on the headland.Bridget Freemantle was probably a well-read woman and must have had an intellectual as well as personal influence over Mary Leapor.
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