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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-roundedˌwell-ˈrounded adjective  1 EXPERIENCEDa well-rounded person has a range of interests and skills and a variety of experience well-rounded graduates2 COMPLETEwell-rounded education or experience of life is complete and varied She has a well-rounded background in management.3 SEXYa woman who is well-rounded has a pleasantly curved figure syn shapely
Examples from the Corpus
well-roundedWe encourage the kids to be well-rounded.The Twins are a well-rounded ball club.Elaine, his wife, was much taller than him, with shoulder-length blonde hair and long legs carrying a well-rounded body.a well-rounded characterAt Cornell University, she received a well-rounded education.Then she saw Nigel dancing with a well-rounded girl with yellow hair and pouting lips.The museum displays a well-rounded selection of paintings and sculptures.That makes him a rarity: a well-rounded television character.But it's usually going to be a pretty well-rounded thing.But some one who spends a year trying on careers goes to college with a more well-rounded view of the world.To get a well-rounded view, she recommends that you talk to at least three people in the same field.
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