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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-timedˌwell-ˈtimed adjective  SUITABLEsaid or done at the most suitable moment syn timely a well-timed remark My arrival wasn’t very well-timed.
Examples from the Corpus
well-timedWyse's movement into the software market appears to be well-timed.Its formation at a time when moves are well-advanced to remove customs and other technical barriers throughout the Community is well-timed.His incursions into the line are always well-timed and his goal-kicking has been immaculate so far.Another well-timed cover-drive beat the fielder and this time it reached the boundary.With one well-timed joke, Gazzer would be able to make her fears look ridiculous.The man took a well-timed opportunity to smile broadly, a smile that said everything if one knew how to read.She took a sip of water during a well-timed pause, and waited for my reply.Distance A good, well-timed release action will return the club to the position it was in at address.Wallace made a well-timed run through the midfield, collected the pass and scored with a low shot.
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