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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-to-doˌwell-to-ˈdo adjective  1 RICHrich and with a high social position well-to-do familiessee thesaurus at rich2 the well-to-do
Examples from the Corpus
well-to-doThe Westons were now well-to-do, and there was no necessity for work, either of a lawful or unlawful kind.San Giovanni seems to have been the well-to-do area, as one would expect, since it included the cathedral.He wants to find a husband from a well-to-do background for his daughter.A lot of our well-to-do customers liked it blue.Surprisingly, police statistics show that many of these thefts were carried out by people from well-to-do families.Although her father was a well-to-do market trader, his wealth was modest by comparison with that of the new jet-set.The less well-to-do may encourage early marriage and give priority to settling down to stable family life.The children of well-to-do parents do much better than the children of poorer parents -- just as they do here.Fedorov must be at least well-to-do, probably rich.Educational facilities are best in the more well-to-do residential areas.He would spend all his time with well-to-do society people, though he hadn't got their sort of money.a well-to-do suburba well-to-do young woman