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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-triedˌwell-ˈtried adjective [only before noun]  DEPEND ON/RELY ONa well-tried method or principle has been used many times before and has always been successful syn tried and tested a well-tried formula for success
Examples from the Corpus
well-triedThere is also sound commercial sense in re-investigating well-tried and harmless remedies that have been passed by.They know that these well-tried and tested ways work, and do not need a scientist or advertising agency to sell them.Old and well-tried favourites should never be discarded for newcomers until these have proved themselves.Each annual cycle entailed the repetition of well-tried methods which had to be taken in common.The impression of well-tried practice, rather than flashes of innovation, characterises the yacht.Now isn't the time to spend hours in the kitchen, so use quick, easy and well-tried recipes.
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