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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-wisherˈwell-ˌwisher noun [countable]  ADMIREsomeone who shows by their behaviour that they like someone and want them to succeed, be happy etc The prince waved at the crowd of 600 well-wishers.
Examples from the Corpus
well-wisherTime also had to be found to say our thanks and farewells properly to friends, well-wishers and benefactors.The group has received donations from well-wishers from as far as Bangor and Holyhead.The family has received thousands of letters from well-wishers.The prince appeared not to notice the confusion as he chatted to the veterans and stopped to greet well-wishers.There were a few people milling around, but not yet the main surge of puzzled well-wishers, police, press and sensation-seekers.We would like to thank all those well-wishers most warmly for their support.
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