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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-wornˌwell-ˈworn adjective  1 CONDITION/STATE OF somethingworn or used for a long time a well-worn jacket2 REPEATa well-worn expression, phrase etc has been repeated so often that it is no longer interesting or effective well-worn excuses
Examples from the Corpus
well-wornWe were leafing through a well-worn copy of Sports Illustrated, and Mike was identifying his clients.For instance, I already own a well-worn pair of Birkenstocks, which appears to be half the artistic battle.a well-worn pair of slippersThe company is now just waiting for the world to beat a well-worn path to its door.The friendship tunnel became a well-worn path - what with all the to-ing and fro-ing of furred and feathered visitors.My well-worn schoolboy shoes were polished until they shone like glass.To me, Manhattan was like a well-worn shoe, ugly but honest, forthright about its flaws and beauties.The wood shelves contain well-worn volumes, some dating back to the 1920s.
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