Language: Old English
Origin: wel


1 adverb
well1 S1 W1 comparative better superlative best


in a successful or satisfactory way:
Did you sleep well?
James reads quite well for his age.
All the team played very well today.
Simon doesn't work well under pressure.
The festival was very well organized.
The concert went very well.


in a thorough way:
Mix the flour and butter well.
I know Birmingham quite well.

a lot

a) a lot, or to a great degree
well before/after/above/below etc
Stand well back from the bonfire.
It was well after 12 o'clock when they arrived.
The village is well below sea level.
The amphitheatre is well worth a visit.
I'm well aware of the problems involved.
I went out and got well and truly (=completely) drunk.
b) [+ adjective] British English informal very:
That was well funny!

do well

a) to be successful, especially in work or business:
He's doing very well at college.
Elizabeth's done well for herself since she moved to London.
b) if someone who has been ill is doing well, they are becoming healthy again:
He had the operation yesterday, and he's doing very well.

as well

in addition to something or someone else:
Why don't you come along as well?
see usage note also

as well as something/somebody

in addition to something or someone else:
They own a house in France as well as a villa in Spain.
as well as doing something
The organization gives help and support to people in need, as well as raising money for local charities.

may/might/could well

used to say that something is likely to happen or is likely to be true:
What you say may well be true.
You could try the drugstore, but it might well be closed by now.

may/might/could (just) as well

a) informal used when you do not particularly want to do something but you decide you should do it:
I suppose we may as well get started.
b) used to mean that another course of action would have an equally good result:
The taxi was so slow we might just as well have gone on the bus.

can't very well (do something)

used to say that you cannot do something because it would be unacceptable:
I can't very well tell him we don't want him at the party!

know full/perfectly well

used to say that someone does know something even though they are behaving as if they do not:
You know full well what I mean.

speak/think well of somebody

to talk about someone in an approving way or to have a favourable opinion of them:
Sue has always spoken well of you.

well done!/well played!

spoken used to praise someone when you think they have done something very well

well said!

spoken used to say that you agree with what someone has just said, or that you admire them for saying it

be well away

British English informal
a) to be making good progress:
If we can get that grant from the local authority, we'll be well away.
b) to be very drunk

be well in with somebody

informal to have a friendly relationship with someone, especially someone important:
She's very well in with members of the management committee.

be well out of something

British English spoken to be lucky to no longer be involved in a particular situation

be well up in/on something

informal especially British English to know a lot about a particular subject:
Geoff's always been well up on the lnternet.

as well somebody might/may

formal used to say that there is a good reason for someone's feelings or reactions:
Marilyn looked guilty, as well she might.

do well by somebody

informal to treat someone generously

well, good
Good is an adjective a good attempt Her English is very good.!! Good is not used as an adverb in standard English. Use well He speaks English extremely well. The comparative form of both good and well is better His first book was better. (adj) We'll play better next time. (adv) The superlative form of both good and well is best Who is the best singer? (adj) You can use brown or white sugar, but brown works best. (adv)

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