2 interjection
well2 S1 W1

emphasizing something

used to emphasize something you are saying:
Well, I think it's a good idea anyway.
Well, I've had enough and I'm going home!
'James doesn't want to come to the cinema with us.' ' Well then, let's go on our own.'


used to pause or give yourself time to think before saying something:
Well, let's see now, I could meet you on Thursday.

accepting a situation

also oh well used to show that you accept a situation even though you feel disappointed or annoyed about it:
Well, I did my best - I can't do any more than that.
Oh well, we'll just have to cancel the holiday, I suppose.

showing surprise

also well, well, (well) used to express surprise or amusement:
Well, so Steve got the job?
Well, well, well, I didn't think I'd see you here.

showing anger

used to express anger or disapproval:
Well, she could at least have phoned to say she wasn't coming!

final remark

used to show that you are about to finish speaking or doing something:
Well, that's all for today.
Well, that's the last one done.

expressing doubt

used to show that you are not sure about something:
'Will you be in on Friday evening?' 'Well, it depends.'

changing something

used to slightly change something that you have said:
He's rolling in money! Well, he's got a lot more than me, anyway.


very well

formal used to show that you agree with an idea or accept a suggestion:
'Very well,' he said. 'I accept.'

continuing a story

used to continue a story you are telling people, especially in order to make it seem more interesting:
You know that couple I was telling you about the other day? Well, last night I saw a police car in front of their house!

asking a question


used to ask someone to answer a question you have asked them, when you are angry with them:
Well? What have you got to say for yourself?

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