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3 adjective
well3 S1 comparative better, superlative best
1 healthy:
'How are you?' 'Very well, thanks.'
I don't feel very well.
You're looking very well.
I hope you get well again soon.

it is just as well (that)

spoken used to say that things have happened in a good or fortunate way:
It's just as well I kept some money aside for emergencies.

it's/that's all very well, but ...

spoken used to say that something seems to be a good idea, but is not really possible or helpful:
It's all very well the doctors telling me I've got to rest, but who's going to look after my children?

that's/it's all well and good

spoken especially British English used to say that something is good or enjoyable, but it also has some disadvantages:
Going off on foreign holidays is all well and good, but you've got to get back to reality sometime.

it might/would be as well

spoken used to give someone advice or make a helpful suggestion:
It might be as well to make him rest for a few days.

all is well/all is not well

formal used to say that a situation is satisfactory or not satisfactory:
All is not well with their marriage.

all's well that ends well

used after a situation has ended in a satisfactory way

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