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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwenchwench /wentʃ/ noun [countable]  old useWOMAN a girl or young woman, especially a servant
Examples from the Corpus
wenchJust another wench, he told himself angrily, but deep down he knew different.Catherine Zeta Jones is the token buxom wench, pregnant by our Chris.Sea battles and voyages and plunder and buried treasure and king's pardons and kidnapped wenches.She had been a moneyed wench from parents who had made their fortune in fish and chips.A serving wench brought us flagons of watered beer.A young girl who haunts the Feathers Hotel, a one time serving wench, and only seen by a very few.I turned and saw my saviour, the wench with black curly hair from the tavern.A tidy wench was unlikely to revive memories of a ragged boy aboard the Princess.
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