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wend your way

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwend your waywend your wayliteraryTRAVEL to move or travel slowly from one place to anotherwend your way through/towards/home etc The procession wended its way through the streets. wend
Examples from the Corpus
wend your wayThe sound of automobiles wending their way along the road far below does not reach me.From there I was going to hitch a ride on a freight train and wend my way back east.Following an ancient rhythm people are wending their way home before the light fails.As the spectators began to wend their way home, the emotions of some were mixed.John and I would wend our way into Westwood Village to window-shop or see a movie or buy groceries.Motorists wend their way through orange traffic cones and detour signs.We wend our way through the most crowded portion.We watched the train wend its way through the mountain pass.This was the last mill, the brook now wending its way towards the Severn at Minsterworth.
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