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WesternerWest‧ern‧er /ˈwestənə $ -tərnər/ noun [countable]  1 SANsomeone from the western part of the world2 SG American English someone from the western part of the US
Examples from the Corpus
WesternerBesides, he also thinks he's struck lucky by stopping a Westerner.In order to get along in a world which is controlled by outsiders and Westerners, you need to get that certificate.Midwesterners, to be overweight; and Westerners, to exercise.But Westerners are hardly moving to Seoul to run them.What is difficult for Westerners to grasp is the importance and real meaning of these religious rites.At this point several Westerners attempt to photograph the vultures.He wears one of those anonymous Mao suits that Westerners have always considered emblematic of the obliteration of the individual under Communism.Fat-reduced synthetic foods will replace the meat on which the typical Westerner has been raised.
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