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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhammywham‧my /ˈwæmi/ noun [singular] informal  1 double/triple whammy2 put the whammy on somebody
Examples from the Corpus
whammyIs he aware that the Labour party will put up both - a double whammy?In the political parlance of 1992, I suppose it might be said that Mr Platt has given himself a double whammy.Economic impudence plus political insensitivity combine to make a Kinnockian double whammy that I will vote Tory to avoid, however unenthusiastically.Anyway, in a showbiz double whammy the boys with the buttocks have been talking to Bryan Burnett.After the double whammy of rugby in Johannesburg and rowing with Redgrave, though, I more resembled a wizened old man.We've each had our hot streaks, I won't deny: the whammy has changed hands many times.Soften them up, then hit them with the whammy.
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