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what little

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhat littlewhat little (also the little (that))POSSIBLE used to emphasize how small an amount there is, how small an amount is possible etc We did what little we could to help. I handed over what little money I had left. little
Examples from the Corpus
what littleConstant logging threatens to wipe out the little that is left of the rain forest.After these meetings we would all sit and eat together what little groceries the people had been able to collect.At times, Alvin clung slavishly to what little he had observed firsthand of the process of making dances.By now Dad was sixty-five, and what little lenience he may once have possessed had long since hardened into steely inflexibility.Archie suddenly loomed over me, his bloated Zeppelin figure blocking out what little light there was.They spent what little money they had on a new stereo.The majority of the displaced are therefore reluctant to leave the camps and prefer what little protection the church can offer.Grandmother eats what Little Red Cap has brought her; and the girl has learned her lesson.It was appalling and ridiculous, and this inner battle was draining away what little strength she had left.Personally, I used to devote what little thought I could muster to the question of nutcrackers.
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