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whatever/wherever/anything etc you like

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhatever/wherever/anything etc you likewhatever/wherever/anything etc you likeWANTwhatever thing you want, in whatever place you want etc You can sit wherever you like. You can choose anything you like from the menu. like
Examples from the Corpus
whatever/wherever/anything etc you likeDown the golden road, London and the world, life, whatever you like.I wished I could go back to the other way, when we could just do whatever we liked.Once you're online, you can use whatever you like.We can ask him whatever we like.I said they can call themselves anything they like, and I would still not engage one.That is to say put anything you like on them, but don t be surprised if some one else reads them.They can do whatever they like provided that it is what the Treasury has already agreed.
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