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whatever you do

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhatever you dowhatever you doused to tell someone that it is very important that they do a particular thing, or do not do it Don’t miss the train, whatever you do. Whatever you do, slow down and take your time. whatever
Examples from the Corpus
whatever you doLawyers must be prepared to undergo scrutiny and be held accountable for whatever they do.This is the result of my experience and your money and a touch of genius that follows me whatever I do.Whatever you do, don't tell Judy that I spent so much money.But Tess, in answer to your question, whatever you do, don't tell your future husband anything about your past experience.Gallagher understood that, whatever he did, he would violate his principles.But, whatever they do, says Quinn, they do not determine strategies.The twenty fifth anniversary may be special but for some fans whatever they do the band just can't go wrong.I just go to a movie and come home, so whatever they do, they should stick to it.I tried, also, to accompany and chronicle whatever we did together with talk.
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