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whatever you say/think/want

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhatever you say/think/wantwhatever you say/think/wantused to tell someone that you agree with them or will do what they want, especially when you do not really agree or want to do it ‘How about camping, just for a change?’ ‘OK, whatever you want.’ ‘I think we’d better discuss this with your parents.’ ‘Whatever you think best.’ whatever
Examples from the Corpus
whatever you say/think/wantI eat whatever I want and run three miles a day.The hon. Gentleman can make whatever he wants of it, but it will still not save his seat.I know that I had no intention of stopping the procedure, whatever anyone said or did to influence me.You think you should get whatever you want right away.Dare they call her bluff and just let her get on with whatever she thought she could do to inconvenience them?In my stupidity-or whatever you want to call it-I tried to move around to his left.Eurydice said her daughter could do whatever she wanted to do.And she always did whatever she wanted, which was mostly enjoy herself and ignore her homework.
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