1 determiner, pronoun
what‧ev‧er1 S1 W1
1 any or all of the things that are wanted, needed, or possible:
Help yourself to whatever you want.
The children were allowed to do whatever they liked.
He'll be ready to accept whatever help he can get.
I am willing to pay whatever price you ask.
2 used to say that it is not important what happens, what you do etc because it does not change the situation:
Whatever I suggest, he always disagrees.
The building must be saved, whatever the cost.
If you are unable to attend the interview, for whatever reason, you should inform us immediately.

whatever you do

spoken used to tell someone that it is very important that they do a particular thing, or do not do it:
Don't miss the train, whatever you do.
Whatever you do, slow down and take your time.
4 spoken used to say that you do not know the exact meaning of something or the exact name of someone or something:
The doctor says she's got fibrositis, whatever that is.
Why don't you invite Seb, or whatever he's called, to supper?

... or/and whatever (else)

spoken used after mentioning one or two things to mean other things of the same kind:
You could put an advert in some magazine, journal, newspaper, or whatever.
6 spoken used when asking a question to emphasize that you are surprised or slightly angry about something:
Whatever can he mean?
'Did you know she's dyed her hair orange?' ' Whatever next? '
7 spoken used as a reply to say that you do not care what is done or chosen, or that the exact details of something do not matter:
'What flavour do you want? Strawberry, vanilla ...?' 'Whatever.'
'It was Monday, not Tuesday.' 'Whatever.'

whatever you say/think/want

spoken used to tell someone that you agree with them or will do what they want, especially when you do not really agree or want to do it:
'How about camping, just for a change?' 'OK, whatever you want.'
'I think we'd better discuss this with your parents.' 'Whatever you think best.'

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