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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhatnotwhat‧not /ˈwɒtnɒt $ ˈwɑːtnɑːt, ˈwʌt-/ noun   and whatnot
Examples from the Corpus
whatnotI can feel the lorries every time they go past - the ground sort of shakes like a whatnot - an earthquake.Because, because, because of the acid and whatnot.Then a ton of C rations and ammunition and whatnot came down on top of me.New York is full of cheats and whatnot.I had no problem relating to the roughs and whatnot.The ones with infra-red night-sights, little flashing digital displays, electric zooms and whatnots.I always check the pieces of whatnot, to make sure they aren't important whatnots.
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