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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhatsoeverwhat‧so‧ev‧er /ˌwɒtsəʊˈevə $ ˌwɑːtsoʊˈevər, ˌwʌt-/ ●●○ adverb  COMPLETELYused to emphasize a negative statement syn whatever He’s had no luck whatsoever.
Examples from the Corpus
whatsoeverIn fact, most of the companies described in the article have virtually no turnover whatsoever.Most studies find no relationship whatsoever.The attack may occur with no preceding tension whatsoever.But then you realise that there's no room whatsoever for larking about and enjoying yourself.They have little concept whatsoever of creative thinking, of tossing around ideas to get the one that will work.My position on this important matter has nothing whatsoever to do with the rational, of course.Nor, I contend, does rationalism have anything whatsoever to do with those who see saucers in the sky.I have no reason whatsoever to doubt what he says.Vincenzo Giuliani felt no need whatsoever to pander to that illusion.
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