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whelkwhelk /welk/ noun [countable]  HBAa small sea animal that has a shell and can be eaten
Examples from the Corpus
whelkIn reply, the bookies wonder whether managing a whelk stall might be a better-sized challenge for the Jockey Club's skills.Not for them chirpy whelk stall amateurism or cheerful under-achieving.Rather surprisingly, the time spent boring and ingesting a meal does not vary very much for whelks of different sizes.Are individual whelks selecting particular prey species?Predation concentrated on individual whelks feeding on the open rock surface.In the real East End you will find plates of whelks with more emotional depth.The most important colour-technology in the ancient world was the manufacture of purple dye from the murex, or whelk.The whelks may show frequency independent selection, choosing their favourite food regardless of that species' relative abundance. 2.
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