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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwheneverwhen‧ev‧er /wenˈevə $ -ˈevər/ ●●● S2 W3 adverb, conjunction  1 ALWAYS/EVERY TIMEevery time that a particular thing happens Larry always blames me whenever anything goes wrong. Whenever I hear that tune, it makes me think of you.2 WHENat any time Come and visit me whenever you want. a policy of using recycled paper whenever possible3 spokenUNIMPORTANTEXACT used as a reply to say that it does not matter what time something happens ‘I’ll call you tomorrow or the day after.’ ‘Okay. Whenever.’
Examples from the Corpus
whenever possibleAlso, parents should consider using the resources of the school system whenever possible.I would certainly encourage rocking out naked whenever possible...She avoided saying them whenever possible.Violence is avoided and talked down whenever possible.You must deal with this whenever possible, as it will be bad for you if park-keepers constantly have to do it.This person should whenever possible be the one who takes responsibility for counselling sessions.Note Whenever possible spell out your terms clearly with actual dates on all invoices and statements.That is why he speaks to young children whenever possible, whenever he travels.
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