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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhereaboutswhere‧a‧bouts1 /ˌweərəˈbaʊts◂ $ ˈwerəbaʊts/ ●●○ adverb spoken  WHEREused to ask in what general area something or someone is Whereabouts do you live?
Examples from the Corpus
whereaboutsWhereabouts did you grow up?Nobody knows whereabouts this occurs in the brain.
whereaboutswhere‧a‧bouts2 /ˈweərəbaʊts $ ˈwer-/ ●○○ noun [plural]  PLACEthe place or area where someone or something is He showed great reluctance to reveal his whereabouts.whereabouts of The police want to know the whereabouts of his brother.see thesaurus at place
Examples from the Corpus
whereaboutsDespite numerous searches and enquiries, her whereabouts are still unknown.Might there be some clue to her whereabouts in the church, she wondered?Perhaps Sir Philip knew his whereabouts.Updates on his whereabouts are broadcast on the radio, on billboards and through an 800-number.Not a soul raised a hand, stood up, confessed, or otherwise gave any indication of its whereabouts.If one was sunk its whereabouts have eluded positive discovery and the outcome of the 1907 Committee's investigations is not recorded.He was not at liberty to give Signor Gismondi's whereabouts.The police received an anonymous tip about the suspect's whereabouts.The police have appealed for information concerning the whereabouts of the stolen car used in the robbery.They tried to torture him into revealing the whereabouts of the $90 million, but he didn't know anything.Alongside this opening of the official archives, interest is now increasingly turning to the whereabouts and availability of private papers.The whereabouts of the painting is still a mystery.The sheriff was unconcerned about their whereabouts.
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