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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwherebywhere‧by /weəˈbaɪ $ wer-/ ●●○ AWL adverb formal  SAY/STATEby means of which or according to which a proposal whereby EU citizens would be allowed to reside anywhere in the EU
Examples from the Corpus
wherebyThe mall created a frequent-shopper plan whereby customers earn discounts.How can anyone dream up a handicap system whereby my handicap can go up because somebody else scored a net 65?Gradually, however, Paul's position becomes the only one whereby sense can be made of the situation.This allows for the entries to be made by machine accounting whereby several operations can be carried out at the same time.A deed of transfer was executed on 18 October, whereby the developers transferred the land in question to the Prudential.Sir C: I believe you speak of the practice whereby the political inclination of a parish is physically manipulated.Consent, which lies at the root of self-determination, should be the conceptual mechanism whereby the right is guaranteed and safeguarded.There should be a quidproquo arrangement whereby we all cooperate.As costs rise, there are several schemes whereby you can pay now and die later, but not the reverse.
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