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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhereverwher‧ev‧er /weərˈevə $ werˈevər/ ●●● S2 adverb  1 EVERYWHEREto or at any place, position, or situation Children will play wherever they happen to be. Sit wherever you like.... or wherever (=used to emphasize that you are talking about any place and not a specific place) Dublin people dress more individually than people in London or wherever.2 in all places that She is shadowed by detectives wherever she goes. I feel I ought to be nice to them wherever possible (=at all times when it is possible).3 SURPRISEDused at the beginning of a question to show surprise ‘Wherever did she find that?’ Daisy wondered.4 wherever that is/may be
Examples from the Corpus
whereverWherever did you get that idea?I wonder if the law would require him to go home -- wherever home is -- after three years or so.None the less, start out with a master plan and wherever possible, use it.Free treatment through the Poor Law was still avoided by the poor wherever possible.They thus called for a managerial policy to facilitate promotion earlier in life, linked to flexible retirement wherever possible.It was the urban mob which ended the hesitations of the official classes wherever resistance was a possibility.You can use the cell phone wherever the cell sites are in use.The one Moon reflects itself wherever there is a sheet of water.Mary Jo, wherever you are, this is dedicated to you.You can sit wherever you want.... or whereverThe key they found under the floor-mat in the car, or wherever.You can study at home or wherever else is convenient to you, at the time and pace you choose.The hens made their nests in the barn or wherever else they could, and you searched for the eggs as necessary.The computer in Ogden, or wherever, finds the supply nearest to where it is needed.Tomorrow, she would have to find him, there or wherever he was hiding.People had no option but to sit on desks or wherever they could find behind the counter.wherever possibleCongressional Republicans are tempted to pull the rug out from under Bill Clinton wherever possible.However it is important to standardise wherever possible.The early canals were narrow and followed the contours of the land avoiding changes in land level wherever possible.Their leader, Radovan Karadzic, pronounced the plan dead, though Lord Owen vowed to see it implemented wherever possible.We will continue to simplify social security forms wherever possible.Keep on the move wherever possible as there is much to be gained from flitting here and there.Wherever possible, get the best medical insurance available.None the less, start out with a master plan and wherever possible, use it.This entails taking notes wherever possible, without being too obvious about it.
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