Language: Old English
Origin: hwæther, hwether


wheth‧er S1 W1
1 used when talking about a choice you have to make or about something that is not certain:
Maurice asked me whether I needed any help.
There were times when I wondered whether or not we would get there.
whether to do something
She was uncertain whether to stay or leave.
I didn't know whether to believe him or not.
The question arose as to whether this behaviour was unlawful.
2 used to say that something definitely will or will not happen whatever the situation is:
It seemed to me that she was in trouble whether Mahoney lived or died.
Look, Kate, I'm calling the doctor, whether you like it or not.
Poor farmers, whether owners or tenants, will be worst affected.
! Do not confuse with weather (=conditions outside such as rain, snow, sun, wind etc)

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